Why use a ticketing system as a customer instead of an email

Updated on October 28, 2021

We’ve all heard of it, a ticketing system is nothing new. For over a decade, an implementation of a ticketing system for Software companies is a must. And why? It was developed by the needs of both customers and customer success managers to communicate more easily and find a common ground for expectations and realization.

What was in it for the companies?

Companies needed to have a better overview of their clients’ needs and complaints. Having only a few clients and receiving only 2-3 complaint emails per day was easy to handle. But, having a lot of users and trying to keep track of customer satisfaction was almost impossible to follow through an emailing system.

A ticketing system gives customer success managers the ability to follow requests on time, follow up with a client on a regular basis, share the issues, or so-called “tickets” with the whole team so that this can be resolved quickly, etc.

But, helpdesk ticketing systems are not only beneficial for the companies. They can be in favor of the clients as well. That’s why we decided to explain to you why we configured our ticketing system and give you 3 main reasons why you should use a ticketing system as a customer.

Powered by Zoho Desk, our Ticketing or “Help Desk” system is located on the address Help.Sales.Rocks. Here we set our Customer Knowledge Base, Ticketing Portal and Community Support.

* Note that this is a separate entity from your app.sales.rocks account, so make sure to Sign Up and create your Help Desk Account, before you use the ticketing system.

Reason No.1: Urgency

When using a software you might come across some bugs or unexpected issues. This will not occur very often, but it’s code after all. What do you do when something gets stuck?

You start searching for an email address or phone number, where you can report it, then lose time on explaining what happened, choose a right email subject, send it and wait…

Your email might end up in an inbox full of all other emails that the team receives on a daily basis and you might need to wait longer than you should for a quick fix on your issue.

Instead of losing time on finding, composing, and figuring out the email, you can easily report an issue, ask a question, or start a discussion with your customer account. You can choose the priority and send it in no time directly to the team, responsible for it.

For example create your customer account on help.sales.rocks. Then navigate to “My area” where you will be able to find the “Add ticket” option. Just click and fill in the form, choose the “product” or the feature you are reporting for and the priority. And you’re done!

Ticket priority

Another occasion for an urgency would be not a bug, but a feature request. You can visit the help.sales.rocks and open a discussion for a feature addition, by using our Community (you can read more about the community below). We always try to fulfill our clients wishes.

Ticket classification

Reason No. 2: Education

A ticketing software usually offers a place where the company can add, share and store useful information or announcements. We call this place the “knowledge base”. With all the developments going on on the Sales.Rocks Platform, we try to keep our users updated, but also offer educational material on how to use the separate features, each of the modules and tips and tricks on how to best take advantage of our software.

This is where outside of the working hours, you’ll find all the information you need, when there is no agent available to guide you on the platform. For example, you can always go to the Knowledge Base tab and find all Q&As for the basic and advanced options on the Sales.Rocks Platform. For a more organized experience they are divided by topic, to each of the modules and functionalities accordingly.

Usually this is also where companies put other useful information in the niche, so for Sales and Marketing Reps, the Knowledge base would also be a good place to educate themselves for the data-driven processes and tools for their daily tasks.

Reason No. 3: Community

You as a user can use the ticketing software to find all the necessary information, read more about what’s next on the platform and also share your thoughts and question with us. Other users do the same, which contributes to a community of users helping each other for the best user experience on the platform. Our ticketing software is an open community for all our users, where users can easily find and interact with ideas of others as well.

In the Community section you can find the latest feed of answers, discussion points from the team and the other users and also find announcements about new platform updates or user-related news. This way you can always keep up with the latest updates, keep track of your usage score on the platform and also be part of user bonuses.

To sum up

Those are the 3 main reasons, for which we always advise our users to become part of our community through our support portal. If you are still not convinced why you should use a ticketing system as a client, just think of the time, benefits and all the things you’ll be missing out on as a user if you don’t become a part of the community.

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