Why Is It Important To Verify Your Email List?

Updated on September 17, 2021

Collecting email addresses is a routine part of digital marketer’s job. The more companies practice email marketing, the more they realize they can’t succeed without a clean email list. But how can you make sure that you are gathering valid emails? Just because you get a new subscriber it doesn’t mean the account is real, or valid. This is why you need to verify your email list.

Why is email verification important?

Think of verifying emails as a layer of security for your email marketing goals. Don’t risk your emails to get sent to spam or rejected due to inadequate quality data.

Creating highly-customized content is just your first step in running a successful email marketing campaign. This is the part where marketing begins, but making sure your emails reach your subscribers’ inbox matters more than anything.

This is why email marketing and email verification go hand in hand. If you’re planning to focus on an email campaign, you also need to focus on the auxiliary tools to win the trust of the target audience – using an email verification software.

Why should I verify my email list?

Email verification is the process of making sure that the messages you are sending will reach the receiver’s inbox.

A verified email:

  • Prevents high bounce rates
  • Improves email open rates and click-through rates
  • Reduces the cost of sending campaigns to invalid email addresses
  • Helps collect qualify leads and segment customer emails

How can I verify my email list?

If your email bounce rate has started to worry you, and your list needs a good cleaning, you should probably start thinking about using a good email verification tool.

What does a good tool for email verification look like?

For someone who has never used one, it sure can be quite difficult to determine which verification software to use. Email verifiers can vary. Some of them are free of charge, and offer just basic options, but don’t always provide reliable results. Others can only detect a limited number of invalid email addresses.

However, there are few softwares that can dissect your list and analyze it in detail. For example, Sales.Rocks’ Email Verification Tool  can reduce the number of bounced emails dramatically, preserving your hard-earned email sending reputation, and increase your ROI.

This key tool incorporates different checkers per email to ensure quality and deliverability. Multiple quality indicators are putting your email list to the test and make sure that only the valid ones are approved.

The process begins by checking if your email syntax has an @ symbol. Then, it verifies its email domain (MX record), and checks if the address exists on the server using custom integrations before confirming it. By scanning your email list and removing all the invalid email addresses, catch-all, temporary, abuse, and role-based contacts.

At the end of the list validation process, any invalid addresses will be filtered out, leaving a clean, fully deliverable email list, ready for your marketing and business purposes.

Sales.Rocks’ algorithms guarantee that a list of valid emails will be delivered directly to your CRM platform. By integrating Sales.Rocks with your systems through either our native integration, Sales.Rocks API, Marketplace or through Zapier, you are guaranteed to have accurate data.

Thanks to the combination of complex algorithms, and constantly improving machine learning process, Sales.Rocks’ Data Verification Software is the industry leader for data accuracy.

Email verification is a must

With email being such a popular marketing medium, the email list quality assurance has become an integral part of any business strategy. The email bounces that go 2% over the industry standard risk degrading your email deliverability, and costing tens of thousands to your business. Email validation services ensure that marketers use safe data, and accomplish their marketing goals.

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