What is Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)?

Updated on June 9, 2022

DaaS has been disrupting the B2C and B2B worlds in the last decade. Netflix has replaced Blockbuster by providing monthly access to their whole repository for a monthly fee. Similarly, Spotify has changed the way in which we consume music. From this, we can conclude that B2B data as service providers offering multiple subscription options have seen a noticeable growth over their more traditional counterparts.


Data for your Sales & Marketing Enablement


If you own a B2B business, you are dealing with sales or marketing and surely have thought about buying a static list of prospects that you can put in your email automation system of choice (e.g. MailChimp) and then blast out a few thousand emails with hope of getting some clicks on your website. In reality, this tactic barely works, but rather brings complaints from your prospects. The reason for that comes from various factors:


  • The database is static and not frequently updated, so expect a high rate of bounces.
  • Your email campaign is not targeted. You might have selected some industry, region or business size, but that still leaves you finding the needle in a haystack.
  • The campaign lacks a compelling event which provokes a response.
  • You send to a huge list which is often flagged as spam by email providers.
  • You use generic emails such as sales@ or info@ which are used by receptionists.



How does DaaS tackle these issues?


Instead of using a one-off email bulk campaign, we split up access to our contact database into monthly credits over a period of 12 months. This ensures you that the data has been verified in the last 30 days and is up-to-date, which is so much better than using lists that might be several years old.


Additionally, we offer technographics mapping to select from over 350 technologies that companies use. Think of Google Analytics, AWS hosting, Salesforce, Zoho or WordPress. You can now find the needle in the haystack by targeting companies that can apply your solution or finding prospects that use competing solutions.


Next on the technographic mapping we analyze company’s website keywords info. Imagine that you are looking for specific keywords, such as subscription or SEO. This additional information can provide you with a very powerful selection based on the size, industry or location that you targeted, pinpointing the relevant contacts. Subsequently, with that info you can segment your marketing campaign targeted at specific technology user or keyword.


Lastly, instead of reaching out to general emails you can use our smart email generator with a built-in confidence score to target specific job titles, positions or skill sets to really find the decision-maker you require.


Benefits of data as a service providers


All-in-all, with DaaS you can monthly generate a few hundred targeted prospects that are genuinely relevant to your marketing campaign based on contacts, technologies or keywords which can be very helpful if you are targeting an upcoming event. These campaigns can be linked to specific landing pages that provide not only relevant messages, but also offer smart follow-up conversions via targeted click-to-action buttons on the designated landing pages.


By limiting our subscription to monthly usage we train our customers to build data-driven Sales & Marketing solutions into their business blueprint and make it a process rather than a one-shot deal. We call this a smartbound process because it replaces the traditional mass outbound email drip campaigns.


Data-as-a-Service providers do not require you to buy an expensive data which turns out to be inefficient, outdated and not targeted, but rather allows B2B companies to have fresh new targeted list every month that can be pushed directly into their CRM or Marketing Automation System.


A word on GDPR


At Sales.Rocks we do not store direct email addresses, but we rather store the patterns of emails for specific URLs. For example, we take the firstname.surname@domain.com format and we verify it on our internal Email Verifier and on other public sources. We can then provide a confidence score for the deliverability of an email. However, we do not provide any personal emails, such as gmail.com or live.com.





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