A Case Study With Efrat Dekel,
combining Sales.Rocks with LinkedIn

Efrat Dekel2

“The bulk extractor has helped me in finally identifying direct e-mails from my LinkedIn leads. I’ve been looking for such a feature for months, but I am glad that Sales.Rocks were able to help me out in finding direct e-mails for over 70% of my LinkedIn prospects.

That said, I am really looking forward to actually start using the other modules as well. Also, the company and contact search, along with the email verifier, really come in handy for my sales team.  Combine that with personalized email campaigns and you are ready for proper outbound campaigning.

Efrat Dekel

B2B Growth & Linkedin Marketeer


About Efrat

Efrat Dekel is an expert in the field of lead and demand generation, growth marketing, and brand marketing, A LinkedIn fanatic that helps other startup founders, BizDev, sales and marketing to the next level within the B2B world.


B2B LinkedIn Marketing

Company size

1-10 Employees


The Challenge

With Sales Navigator only, Efrat was in most cases unable to detect the direct email addresses of her LinkedIn leads. Therefore, she was looking for a tool that will bulk enrich all her LinkedIn leads with reliable and working email addresses and other relevant data fields.

The Solution

Sales.Rocks’ bulk extractor, “extract contact profile from contact LinkedIn URL”, turned out to be exactly what Efrat and her team needed.

By simply uploading her list of LinkedIn URLs to Sales.Rocks, the bulk extractor returned 100s of direct email addresses within seconds, which resulted in plenty of outreach opportunities.

The Results

797 LinkedIn Contact URLs were initially uploaded.

Accordingly, Sales.Rocks’ bulk extractor achieved the following results:

684 Extensive contact profiles were returned.
494 Direct emails were returned, of which:
– 181 emails with a guaranteed source
– 313 emails were returned based on the company’s corporate email pattern.

The about 500 emails that were returned gave Efrat a great opportunity in terms of email outreach and her campaigns have been running smoothly since then.

Do you also want to take greater control of all your sales and marketing processes?

Efrat Dekel – Case Study