Keno Hellmann
Sales.Rocky of the Week

“Sales.Rocks is the Swiss Army Knife for Online Research and I’d recommend it to anybody who tries to find new opportunities the oldschool way.”

The challenge

Keno was trying to find companies that would be interested in giving him a backlink to his website.

He created good content and started manually searching for contacts to reach out to. It became clear to him soon, that his research method would take him a lot of time.

How it worked

Believe it or not the Sales.Rocks tool showed up to be his secret weapon for SEO!

Finding hundreds if not thousands of prospects in his field was pretty easy and all he had to do was to send emails to the webmasters and ask for backlinks.

< Keno's use case on Sales.Rocks >
The Company Search
< Keno's use case on Sales.Rocks >
The Company Search

Keno Hellmann –

The weekly Results

“I sent out 50 E-Mails the first day of using Sales Rocks and I received 4 new Backlinks within a week and 15 in total.”

Open rate


Response rate


Conversion rate


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