Krista Nakonechny
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“Utilizing Sales.Rocks allowed us to find all businesses within regions near to our office that had less than 50 employees.”

The challenge

It was challenging for the team at Rivercity Tech to distinguish if leads were within their target market demographically. At Rivercity Tech, they develop relationships and provide a service nearly every small business in their area needs.

How it worked

The Sales.Rocks database delivered a report detailing information about each business - including a phone number. They downloaded this list and uploaded it to their CRM which created new profile contacts for these potential leads.
< Krista's use case on Sales.Rocks >
The Company Search
< Krista's use case on Sales.Rocks >
The Company Search

Krista Nakonechny – Business Development Manager at Rivercity Technology Services

The Results

“This list gave us access to over 2500 small businesses in our area of business.”

Phone numbers


Company URLs found


Contacts exported


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