Email of 2020: Smart email segmentation and automation

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Right now, if you want to prompt your subscribers and potential leads to take action, you need to put much effort into delivering more value in your messages. Email automation remains a highly successful strategy, but in 2020, the focus turns to a specific approach. This approach is email segmentation.


Regardless of how well you have researched your buyer persona, one truth will remain – they have a full inbox of similar offers on a regular basis. In other words, the use of emails for marketing purposes is more widespread with every passing day.


According to Oberlo, 293.6 billion emails are sent and received on a daily basis. Moreover, 81% percent of businesses use email as the primary channel for customer acquisition, and a whopping 80% as a channel for retention.


With Such numbers are on the rise, making for the biggest competition the email marketing industry has ever seen. As a result, the strategies constantly change.


Some people use automated email sequence as a marketing strategy, and it has brought them some amazing results. Segmentation may be simple, but it can be extremely powerful. People simply get too many messages. Right now, they pick and choose to find their favourite. That’s why a relevant, personalised message can yield better results than the generalised, template emails.


Email Segmentation: Marketing that Relies on Grouping People


Customer list segmentation will result in better open and click-through rates as delivering targeted messages focused on a specific group will always yield better results. – NitroSell


So, how does email segmentation work?


If you want to invest in email segmentation, you need to see your subscribers list as groups of different people. These people have different profiles, behaviours and interests. However, they all share similar things. After all, these all fall under the big umbrella that is your buyer persona.


Knowing this, you need to approach each group, each segment in a proper way. The idea is to split those people in groups and create a separate email stream for each group.


To do this, you need a deep understanding of what your customer wants and expects of you. This makes it even more crucial to research your buyers and target audience.


Top Email Marketing Segmentation and Automation Tips for 2020


Now, let’s go through our top 5 strategies that could help you segment your email lists and create an ideal email marketing plan for this year.


1. Segment by demographics


The most basic information about your subscribers such as gender, age, income level, and company position – can tell you a great deal about people’s interests and needs. This is something you can obtain easily and through the signup process.


Even so, collecting all of that data and using it in the right way is an entirely different process. To narrow down that search, you’re best off using tools such as segmenting enablement platforms. Right now, there are some excellent choices in terms of sales intelligence tools like Sales.Rocks, Vainu, Clearbit, Owler,  as well as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.


2. Segment by email engagement


Two metrics are worth mentioning here – click through and open rate. With the help of these metrics, you can segment your emails by designating inactive and active users. Your task here will be to find a way to re-engage the people who haven’t opened your emails for quite some time. Or, you can address the second group of subscribers to engage them more effectively and specifically.


3. Segment by purchases


Out of all the ways to segment, this is the easiest. It requires little effort to collect such data and you won’t have to send out surveys or ask your subscribers to fill in such information. You already have access to what you need – which are their past purchases.


Once you have this, you can send out recommendations for similar products and services, offer them a refilling, renewal, or replacement.


4. Segment by spending


The amount of money people spend on your website is also an amazing tool for segmentation. Use their expense history to learn which customers have a bigger budget or are willing to spend more. This is how you’ll know which products to recommend in your emails.


5. Segment by geographic


If location influences the purchasing decisions of your buyer persona, you definitely need to segment by geographic location or area. This is even more effective if you plan to inform your subscribers of conferences, meetings, sales, personalized travel directions, invitations, regional promotions, or special events in their area.


Geo targeting or local PCC, has seen a steady active growth, because of the ability to target local prospects and promote local business to previously hard to reach or inaccessible demographics.


The geotargeting can vary in size and scope based on the requirements and expectations of the campaign. From national and countrywide targeting for brand awareness campaigns, to regional or citywide product coverage.


If you want to target a specific region, you can search for potential prospects by a zip code to have a broad idea of the businesses by industry in the region. Furthermore, you can refine your target market search by selecting cities to measure organisational influence. In addition by finding the ip address and ISP provider information you can determine the HQ location of your target business. Finally you can begin to target potential decision makers with omnichannel marketing campaigns.


Doing the market research process manually will cost you significant resources.


In an effort to budget more effectively, you can choose to obtain the data by using a company information provider.


In addition to having quick access to the information, you can be assured that it is up to date and reliable.


You can choose from a number of companies based on subscription models, tool set, country coverage and support.


Company and contact information platforms




Based in the Netherlands, Sale.Rocks offers company and contact information from a wide selection of european countries. With a fast growing database and feature set, giving clients a great return on investment. Sales.Rocks offers a monthly and yearly subscription with a freemium option with 50 company and 20 contact credits to test out the platform




A sales engagement platform and B2B data all-in-one. It helps you target the right prospects by utilizing a huge database packed with clean, verified B2B leads. You can then engage your prospects by sending out sequences of highly tailored emails at scale, fine-tuning your campaigns in real-time, and automating your outreach and sales process.




Finnish based company data provider, Vainu is an established company in the european B2B industry and, with offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark in addition to Finland and the United States. Vainu offers annual subscription options and an introductory platform demo.




A marketing data engine for customer interactions in the United States, offering deep level customer analysis, future prospect identification and marketing & sales interaction personalization. Clearbit offers flexible annual subscription and an introductory platform demo.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator


The established business social network offers their own sales solutions with deep platform integration to their platform. Get access to prospect lists and deep platform analytics. Available in a monthly and yearly subscription with a demo and a free trial version available.




Community-based business information platform. Providing users with market insights, realtime news and alert. Owler pricing model is segmented in 3 tier, basic (limited functionality) free account, Plus and Pro monthly or and yearly subscription.



Email marketing nowadays requires an array of different tactics that aren’t solely based on using automation software. This year, you can beat the odds and increase the numbers by combining email segmentation and research into your email marketing strategy.

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