On platform email verifier and drip campaigns – Necessary features for your Email Outreach

Updated on April 13, 2021 by Ivana

So, why did we decide to implement drip campaigns and an email verifier on our platform?


The industry’s weapon of choice is emails. With email drip campaigns you can keep prospects engaged with your products. So, we decided to give our users a tool to improve their outreach potential. In this platform news, we’ll focus on the drip campaigns feature that will soon go live on the platform development, along with several other improvements we think were crucial for an acceleration of your sales and marketing processes.


Drip Campaigns

Emails are the main pillar of most if not all marketing and sales outreach strategies. In fact, over 68% of marketers and sales representatives prefer emailing over anything else.




Create and tailor your email drip campaigns based on your outreach plan.


Schedule your delivery

Set up the right time to send your emails. Optimise your drip campaign schedule depending on the location.


Nurture your prospects

Build your campaign around prospect behaviour. Choose the right time to send them content based on their actions.


Personalise your content

Make the recipient know that they matter. Treat them like a valued client and not just another name on your emailing list. Engage them with content they would like to see.


Automate your campaign

After  you have set up your drip campaign no further input from your side is required.


Account integration

You can set up your Drip Campaigns through SMTP or Google and Outlook account integration.


Campaign analysis

Monitor your open, click and bounce rates to improve your campaigns


Rating system

Stay on the right track with our rating system. Measure your performance and adjust your campaigns through A/B testing.


Sales Toolkit – on platform Email Verifier

We have a planned set of tools to help your marketing and sales team. The first part of our new service is the Email Verifier.



Email verification overview


You have a list of emails you need to contact. But first you need to make sure that you are not wasting your time sending emails that will only increase your bounce rate.


Quick email verification

Import your CSV file or use our integration with Google Sheets and clean your email address list quickly and efficiently.


Accurate email verification

We use real time verification by pinging the server to check for a response making sure you get accurate data.


Expanded country support

Sales.Rocks goes global! Now you can sign-up to the platform from almost anywhere. Get the data you want, when you need it and where you need it.


Contact Search Card View & Full Contact profile

Carrying over the new UI improvements from the Company Search module, now you can view your Contacts lists in Card view or you can select a Contact to preview their Full Contact profile and basic information if such as job title, department, email and phone number.



Contact Search overview


Our Company Information available for everyone

Are you interested in a specific Company? Want to find out what technologies they are using or their number of employees? You can type “Sales.Rocks + the name of the company” in google search and get the basic company information. Registering on the Platform, of course, would be more beneficial and would cut-off your manual search. Plus, you can benefit from our full company overview and export the companies directly in your CRM.



Company information overview


This option will also be enabled for Contact Profile soon.


Zapier CRM integration

Following the integration with ZOHO CRM, the dev team is now hard at work to bring you integration with the Zapier platform. You will be able to export Company and Contact data in just a few clicks.


Drip campaigns and on platform email verifier

The drip campaigns and the email verifier are worthwhile additions to the Sales.Rocks platform. Our long term goal is to keep empowering our users with the data and tools they need to reach their business potential.

For more information on the Sales.Rocks platform, you can send us an email, check out the knowledge base or simply make a free account and try it out for yourself.

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