Friendly email reminders for your booked meetings – how to make sure your prospect shows up

Updated on November 21, 2022

It’s Monday morning and you just started your working week.

At 9 am you have THE meeting you’ve been waiting for since the day you booked it. 


09:10 – you’re still waiting.

09:15 – And waiting…


In the end, the prospect doesn’t show up. Maybe they lost interest, perhaps they forgot about it. But no matter the reason it’s another no-show of this month.


But hey, don’t give up though! It is impossible to have a show-up rate of 100%, but it is possible to raise it if you pay a little more attention to friendly reminders and suggestions you can send on various channels.

Email is still the most preferred channel for prospecting, however, don’t forget that you can also use WhatsApp, voice message, and other channels.
Just be certain that your relationship with the prospect is strong enough, that they wouldn’t mind you contacting them on their phone.

Read more about warm calling.


As email is your ‘best weapon’, we’ll share some examples and pro tips with you that will improve your show-up rate and make the prospects excited to move forward in the process via email. 

1. Better 3 hours too soon than 1 minute too late


When you schedule the meeting, the prospects often pick the time & date, but it’s up to you to arrange the details. Make sure the date, time, and value they get of this meeting are all made perfectly clear to them.


So far so good? Yeah, but the battle is far from over. 


Now it’s crucial to send written confirmation for the meeting as soon as you make one. This can depend on the appointment type, but it’s usually an email. 


Pro-tip from our SDRs:

It’s a good idea to send out a few reminders closer to the time if you arrange appointments far in advance. Consider sending an email confirmation 4 times:  1 day, 4 hours, 1 hour, and 10 minutes beforehand. 


2. Provide extra info & effort 


If your prospects are aware of the benefits they will receive from your meetings, they are more likely to attend. Maybe you already have outlined the benefits in the previous interaction, but you should also send them a personalized (brief) agenda that proves the meeting is worth their time and attention.

Although this may appear insignificant to you, some clients may actually be concerned about little details. Make it easier for them by sending this information to them through email before the appointment, or even better, give them a call.


Here is a sample of email you can send:


Hi [first name]!


It’s almost time for your scheduled demo with [company name] at [time] on [date]. Get ready to learn the ins and outs of [product].


You’re going to love [product unique value props]!


Thanks again for booking a demo with us. See you soon!



Send hyper-personalized messages

with Sales.Rocks

3. Use personalized graphics to engage them


The best results will probably not come from sending generic emails and texts. 


In one of our previous blogs, we explained many ways to get you this level of personalization that may help you also in this case of follow-up messaging just like GIFs, images, and videos. Get as personal as you can at this point by introducing the person they’ll be chatting to and addressing them by name.

Pro-tip:  Your potential client won’t feel bad if they don’t show up because they will feel like they’re not disappointing anyone if your message is impersonal and doesn’t let your prospects know who their meeting is with.

4. Reschedule your meeting 


There will always be a prospect who won’t show up even if you do everything and even more. You can either choose to burn those bridges at this point and work with another client, or you can ask them to reschedule the appointment for a time that works best for them. 


Additionally, in this way you can show them that they have another opportunity to meet you. You keep the doors open rather than closing them down, making it possible for people to feel comfortable and secure doing business with you.


If you tried to reschedule several times and they didn’t respond – it’s time for the break-up email (which by the way, sometimes works out as an opposite trigger and you have the opportunity to schedule the meeting again and win the deal back).

Here is a sample of an email you can send:


Hey [first name],


I’m hoping everything is well.

Since we missed our meet-up [yesterday or day of the missed meeting], I would suggest rescheduling the meeting. 

So how do you feel about tomorrow morning at 11am?


I look forward to hearing from you.




The primary goal of the previous tips and examples is to keep your prospect interested in meeting with you from the very first time you book the meeting until the minute they attend.  After you arrange the meeting remember that this is all impossible without you – so don’t forget to show up and don’t be late.


Imagine if the prospect is all excited about the meeting and the person who needs to help them doesn’t show up. 


Remember: Unless you have superpowers, you can’t stop no-shows entirely. But a rebooked meeting is better than missed one. 


Even if you follow all of the previous advice, there will be times that you will still have no-shows, and you must accept it as part of your role in the sales world.

Just keep sending your friendly reminders and make an effort not to fall short of your sales quota.

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