Customer engagement and new platform filtering options

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2021)

For this sprint the focus was on the company and contact search modules, filtering system, a new customer engagement setup and the upcoming launch of our email drip campaigns module and chrome plugin.

Company & Contact Search Updates

The main modules were a major focus of the last dev cycle. Both were enriched with company and contact information from North America. The database now has data on companies from the USA and Canada. This gives you a massive boost in your reach potential because now you can target one of the biggest markets overall. Vast number of new clients you can reach out to for your service or product.

But what good is the data we have if you can’t find it so you can use it?

For that reason, the filtering system got a nice update in the form of search optimisation so you get increased data accuracy and 3 new data points resulting in more segments and relevant results.

Company Activities (LinkedIn Specialties)

You can search for companies based on keywords on their LinkedIn profile in the About tab under the section Specialties. This is a great data segmenting option because this info is entered by the companies themselves and it tells you exactly in what market they operate in and what products and services they offer. Also, it enables a nice secondary effect, it is much easier to find companies in the same industry or offering the same service because you get much more accurate results.


Tech spending (Expenditure on Web-technologies)

Another neat addition is the ability to filter businesses based on their tech budget. Say you want to target small companies using an older or less effective web-tech.

You can offer your product with a special plan targeting a key point for them, the price. Moreover, if you have a more robust solution as well, find enterprises that spend more on a software that they utilize for various every day work tasks. You can find their info and reach out to them with higher chances of a successful sale thanks to better data segmentation and key available contact info.

Worth noting that for an improved platform user experience, we added technology logos to our tech-data so you can glance over the results much faster.


Search by Company

If you need to reach out to a specific company you have in mind, now it’s much easier to do so. You want to find contact information from employees so you can see who you need to contact. Search by local company registry ID or just type in the company name. Together with our organizational structure data in our full company profile, you have all the information you need.


Customer Engagement setup

Thinking about how to give more to our users and make the process of prospecting interesting and engaging we implemented the step-by-step engagement setup for a user on the platform. This way you get more for your subscription, while you are working. The setup is tiered in three levels increasing in credits earned and the input needed from you.

You can earn additional credits for the Company & Contact Search and the Sales Toolkit by exporting data, verifying emails and leaving a review based on your experience with the Sales.Rocks platform.


Email Drip Campaign Module & Chrome plugin

The Drip Campaign module is ready to launch soon, following a thorough testing phase to squash any bugs and test core features.

The Chrome Plugin incorporates our new API, extracting web technology data and company information right there in the corner of your Chrome browser. The dev team is now working on the Contact information part of the plugin interface and will be ready soon.

Social Profiles enrichment and upcoming CRM integrations

As you can see, the team has been quite busy these past weeks. Adding companies and contact data from the USA and Canada to our database, adding more data points to bring you more relevant information in your search. As well as implementing a customer engagement setup and preparing for the launch of two great additions to the Sales.Rocks platform.

Meanwhile, the data team is working on enriching the contact profiles with social media account info so you will have even more ways to reach your desired target.

The integration with Teamleader and Pipedrive is well underway and they are expected to be available in the upcoming weeks.

From the Sales.Rocks team, stay safe and #stayhome.

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