The best contact extraction chrome plugin you would need for sales

Finding and verifying contact information is a demanding task. Doing it manually will wreak havoc on your productivity and patience. That is why, readily available services designed with this task in mind have seen so much success and wide range usage. A Chrome plugin for contact extraction is a great addition to the sales process that makes finding new prospects easier.

Chrome plugins for contact extraction

“Why use a Chrome extension?”- would be the question that comes into mind. It is simple. Google has built an established ecosystem not just for personal use but for businesses and professionals as well, through building seamless integration among its services. Chrome is the default browser choice for many with over 65% of the total web browser market share.

With such a high number of users, Chrome is the best main platform for developing a plugin for contact extraction.

Finding the email addresses you need, along with any other information that might be useful in your lead generation efforts, has never been easier and more convenient with so many services on the market and all in the upper right corner of your browser. But how to choose the best one?

We listed all the best choices out there with their main features and things you need to know about divided into two categories based on their contact data sourcing method.

  •  • Chrome plugins for data from multiple sources
  •  • Chrome plugins for data from LinkedIn

Chrome plugins for data from multiple sources

Every piece of data has an origin point and a validation phase. Maintaining a database with a lot of data can be a complex process. For that reason, it is best to have your data sourced from multiple data sources.

In addition to the most known and used social media and business networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, accurate contact information, as well as company data can be found on company websites, directories and numerous other sources which are too many to list.

Different platforms use different methods for gathering and verifying the information they collect. Let’s compare them and see which one offers the best features for finding company information and contact extraction for your Chrome browser.



The plugin is a vital part of the platform and furthers our goal of offering a complete solution for finding, contacting and engaging new prospects.

As you visit a company’s website, the plugin connects with our database for potential contacts, company information and technographic data in use.

For ever contact you get a verified email address and a phone number for direct outreach as well information such as job title and location.

Company info includes general contact information and a detailed company profile.

The technographic data makes targeting a competitors product or offering a superior service easier with getting the info you need in a just a few clicks.

You can add your new contacts to your lists on the platform and start the outreach process immediately.

The free plan includes 20 credits for finding new leads and 50 credits for detailed company profiles per month. You can use it with your free account with no limitations.

Free Credits: 20 Credits per Month
Pricing starts at: 99€ Monthly

Clearbit Connect


Clearbit utilizes a database that works in combination with your Gmail. You can search for a company domain, name and job title and it will show you the email address, location and social profiles.

There is a free plan with 100 lookups per month, but in return the extension requires read-only access to your contacts, as it adds them to their database. For start-ups the basic pricing plan is 99$ per month, additional pricing depends on a number of factors.

Free Credits: 100 lookups per Month
Pricing starts at: 99$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 100.000 Users+ with 4.4 rating



FindThatLead is a plugin that can find an email address, phone number, social media profiles and basic company contact information from the website, LinkedIn and social media such as Twitter and Instagram. You also have the option to verify any email on the spot.

The plugin connects with the service which enables you to verify emails in bulk, segment your leads and send them personalized messages.

The free plan gives you 50 credits per month but for additional features you need to get the paid plan starting with 49$ per month or 490$ for a yearly subscription.

Free Credits: 50 Credits per Month
Pricing starts at: 49$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 20.000+ Users with 4.4 rating



Vainu Company View for Chrome works in combination with their company database offering detailed firmographic and technographic data. Even though the plugin is more company information oriented, it shows you key contacts for your prospecting efforts.

You can use the plugin for free with limited functionality which gives you basic company data including location, number of employees, revenue and short company bio. Pricing starts with a yearly plan for 7250$ for one country database.

Free Credits: Limited functionality without an account
Pricing starts at: 7250$ Yearly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 1000+ Users+ with 5 rating

hunter-chrome-extension has build a database with over 100 million indexed email addresses. When you visit a website, it lists all the associated emails or the most common email pattern established. However it doesn’t always return viable contact results. Additionally you can save them to a list, which you can directly export to popular CRMs.

You get 50 credits per month while the paid plans start at 49€ per month or 408€ for a yearly subscription with a 30% discount.

Free Credits/Requests: 50 per Month
Pricing starts at: from 49€ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 400.000 Users with 4.7 rating

prospectio-chrome-extension enables you to look for prospect information by searching for their name or company domain as well as LinkedIn data scraping. A confidence score is also shown reflecting the possibility of a valid email address.

There is no free plan and the paid plans start at 79$ per month with basic integration included, while the advanced functionality is locked in the business plan for 129$ per month.

Free Credits: N/A
Pricing starts at: 69$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 5.000+ Users with 4.3 rating


voilanorbert-chrome extension

VoilaNorbert can find email addresses by looking through a company’s website and business networks as AngelList, Crunchbase and Buzzsumo. Custom lists and lead export are also supported.

Your first 50 leads are free. After, paid plans start at 49$ per month or 468$ for a yearly subscription.

Free Credits: 50 Credits
Pricing starts at: 49$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 5.000+ Users with 4.5 rating

Chrome plugins for contact extraction from LinkedIn

This type of Chrome plugin relies heavily on LinkedIn as their only source of contact information extraction. The information depends on how often the person updates their account. So, the question is how accurate and up to date is that information.

Even though LinkedIn is the main business social network, that is not the case for every market. For instance, you also have Xing, AngelList and a number of other semi-networks with a large user base. There is an overlap between some parts of the user base but that is not always the case if you take into account age, industry and regional demographics.

Nevertheless if you already have a LinkedIn and/or a Sales Navigator account take a look at these extensions to improve your lead generation:



Lusha scans the profile page you’re on and retrieves the email address, phone number and company information. You can also reach out to your new leads directly or export them to Salesforce.

With the free plan you get 5 credits per user monthly. The paid plans start at 39$ monthly per user or 348$ for a yearly subscription. Features such as contact export and CRM integration are part of the Premium plan at 49$ monthly per user and CRM enrichment is included in the Enterprise plan at 69$ monthly per user.

Free Credits: 5 Credits per Month
Pricing starts at: from 39$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 100.000+ Users with 4.7 rating



Reply automatically collects all content information of the prospects you are looking up while you browse through LinkedIn, Gmail and your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot and Copper). The email addresses are verified in real time which means you don’t have to worry about a high bounce rate. You can call your new contacts directly from the extension and you can add them to your list or email sequence.

The extension is part of your subscription plan which begins at 70$ monthly per user or 55$ if you pay for a yearly subscription.

Free Credits: Unlimited (to existing users)
Pricing starts at: from 70$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 4000+ Users with 4.7 rating



Wiza helps you find email addresses from Sales Navigator. While you search for new leads, it will scrape the results, find and verify the email addresses which you can simply export in a CSV file or directly in Salesforce.

You can find 20 emails for free, after which you can pay 0.15$ per email or if you want more integration options and advanced functionality, paid plans start at 50$ for a monthly subscription or 500$ for a yearly subscription with a 20% discount.

Free Credits: 20 Emails
Pricing starts at: 0.15$ per valid email/ from50$ Monthly
Chrome Extension Users and Rating: 5000+ Users with 5 rating


With so many available options it can be a bit difficult to choose the best Chrome plugin for contact extraction. Hopefully we made the decision easier by comparing them so you can focus more on finding the contact details you need.

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