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Updated on June 9, 2022

We haven’t shared a platform news update with you for a while. That doesn’t mean we have been less busy though. In fact the opposite. For the past several months we’ve been hard at work on the new platform. Designing a new UI to improve user experience and implementing new features on the platform. So it’s time to introduce one of the new tools coming to Sales.Rocks 2.0, the Bulk Extractor.


Before we jump into the nitty-gritty details about the newest addition to the Sales Toolkit, first let’s see why we decided it was a good idea to make it in the first place.


Data enrichment tool

We often hear from marketers and sales reps about having to deal with incomplete B2B data. Think about it, it is no longer enough to have an email and a lead name to create a target marketing campaign with relevant content.


Imagine it from a sales reps’ perspective as well, you are given a list of potentially great company prospects with incomplete contact profiles that you have to engage. So you decide to reach out knowing that you’ll be probably just wasting your time as the data you have is just not reliable.


These are only two examples of the problems with data that marketing and sales teams are dealing with every day. That is why we decided to implement a new sales tool for data enrichment on the platform. Also, we wanted to give our users a faster and better way to enhance the data they already have, since manually searching for the data can take a lot of time. Not to mention that will be very tedious as well.


Benefits of using a data enrichment tool

In addition to making the process faster and easier, there are other benefits that a tool like the Bulk Extractor has for data enrichment. Having complete data profiles allows you to get to know your leads better and accelerate the buying cycle.


Contact data enrichment

If you have web tracking enabled and you have a lead list of companies that are interested in your product. They’ll fill out a form with basic information that includes an email address, job position, and location. Even though you want to get every piece of information about your lead, asking them to give you a bunch of valuable info will probably turn them off. So it’s a good idea to get that data from a reliable source.


Your leads are only as good as the data you have on them. And having accurate data means that your outreach campaigns will be more successful. Sending out a cold email blast to a large lead list is in the past. Smaller more personalized campaigns, across different outreach channels, are the new norm, providing you have the necessary contact information data and a way to automate the whole process.


For example, the initial outreach can consist of a personalized drip campaign to a targeted segment and after you’ve established a familiar bond with them you follow it up through a LinkedIn connection. For this type of an approach, you will need an email address, a direct LinkedIn profile and additional data points for personalizing the message. All this information is available under the contact and company data profiles in our database.


Utilizing the data properly results in a better lead nurturing phase. It also increases the conversion rate through the funnel and can decrease the time of the sales cycle. And all of this is possible only if you have the right data and know-how to use it.


Company data enrichment

Company information is an important part of creating an ideal customer profile and using it to identify high-value prospects. A complete company profile contains a number of data points a sales representative can use. For instance, one of the key pieces of data for sales reps is having an insight into the hierarchy of the company they are targeting. This enables them to bypass gatekeepers and engage with decision-makers that can close the deal.


And finding verified email addresses for those prospects enables them to utilize the company data they have. By using precise targeting based on potential pain points, company size, and revenue along with combining available data, sales reps have better chances of scoring a sale.

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How to use the Bulk Extractor

If you are looking for a key piece of data, this is the tool that will do the job. The Bulk Extractor searches through our extensive database for your specific query and pulls all information from more than 115 million company records and 200 million contact records from over 213 countries. It is composed of 7 data extraction submodules depending on the information you’re looking for, company, or contact information.


To access the new tool, log-in to the Sales.Rocks app, then from the main dashboard, open the Sales Toolkit module, click on the Bulk Extractor and select the data sub-extractor you need.


After selecting one of the contact or company data extraction options, you’ll start the set-up process:

1. First you need to name your Bulk Extraction List

bulk extraction list name

2. Then you’ll need to enter the Company Name, Company Domain, the URL of the Company LinkedIn Profile, or the URL of the Contact LinkedIn Profile.

You can manually enter the information, upload a list from an Excel (CSV) file or file a Google Sheet URL

bulk extractor company list

3. In the final step you can select Additional Search requirements to specify the kind of information you get.

3.1 For company data extraction

bulk extractor company results

There are options for the results to return only Company profiles that contain a general email address, Company profiles that contain a general phone number and to return information only about the Company Headquarters. Also, you can choose a specific Contact Location if you want to reach contacts in a target region.

3.2 For contact data extraction

bulk extractor contact options

You can select the results to return only contacts based on a Contact Location, based on a specific Hierarchy (CEO, VP, Manager, etc.) and according to a different Department (Marketing, Sales, Recruiting, etc.). There is also the option for a manual Search by a Job Title keyword, as well as to only show contacts that have a direct email address with a select Email Confidence Score and you can limit the number of contacts per company.


Stay tuned for more

Data enrichment is an important part of a successful data drive sales and marketing approach. By having access to quality data and a reliable tool that can extract that data, marketers and sales reps can achieve higher ROI and improve their effectiveness. Our Bulk Extractor helps to do both by providing the data they need.

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