Best Practices on How to Use Freemium for B2B Contact Search

Updated on November 1, 2021

Welcome to the Sales.Rocks platform!

With the Freemium account, you will receive 20 Company Search credits for free. You can use them for a month, and access to 31 million European companies and get direct contacts.

The Company Search module offers more than 2.2 billion available data points. Currently, Sales.Rocks covers Ireland, United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Many more countries will be added to our database soon.

With so much data available, the real challenge is to use your credits wisely! 🙂

This short article will reveal several best practices on how you can benefit from the 20 free credits you receive.

Sales.Rocks’ marketing and sales enablement platform allows Freemium users to try all the B2B contact search filters available. However, you don’t have to focus only on one filter at the time, but you can try ALL OF THEM in just one search.

B2B contact search functionality

One credit applies for one contact search. For example, if you have 20 credits, you can get 20 rows of data information.

Once you register on the platform, you can try our B2B contact search filters to reach your desired audience based on:



Locate the geographical foundation and current placement of a company.

Try: Region, Postcode, Headquarters location, Branch location


Extra tip: When filtering with the Company Search module, you can choose more than 1 country per search under the field LOCATION.



Make a research on which industry and sub-industry can benefit from your solution. Also, you can search all the companies by specific keyword in their name or other data.

Try: SIC code, NAICS code, NACE code, Keywords

Company size


Choose the number of company employees, and check their financial situation.

Try: Employee range, Revenue range

Company status 


Choose a date and check if the company is still active on the market.

Try: Founded date, Operating status

Our clients experience has shown that Contact Option is the most important filter.


Checking in the following boxes will help you reach the right decision-maker:

  • Phone available
  • Email available
  • Website URL
  • Decision-maker

After the B2B contact search filters are applied, all the gathered data becomes available to you in just a few seconds. You can download it in Excel and immediately import it into your CRM.

With all this contact data available, you are on the right track to reach out to your chosen prospects via phone or email.

B2B Contact search save functionality

You don’t need to remember all the applied filters you used. We added a Save search option that saves the client’s filters in case they want to reuse them later or if they want to compare results from similar searches.

Save search button is located next to the Start Search button and once you click on it, a pop-up window opens up where you can add details for their search (e.g. name and description). You can also replace it with a previously created search that was important to you, or you marked it as your favorite search.

Your saved searches will be available in a separate subsection under Company Search called My searches.

You can find how much credits you have left in the Activity Log.

Moreover, there is a Weekly Statistics Graph in the Home board. Here you can have an overview of the credits and orders made throughout the week.

No worries, those 20 credits will renew every month 🙂


Now that you’ve grasped the logic on how our platform works, and you believe that it can drive success for your business too, we kindly encourage you to convert to paid subscribers, and maximize the benefits from our sales and marketing enablement platform.

You can always find additional information in our Help Center to efficiently implement and use our solution for your business.

Ready to get started with you B2B company search?

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