🔎Retrospective on 24 hours Product hunt

Updated on February 21, 2020

So we did it 🙌 We aimed for making it into the top 3 for Product Hunt and that is exactly where we landed #woopwooop. The team with Ana, Igor had a full launch map worked out and things this time worked out well.

Retrospective on Product Hunt


Launching a product and raising brand awareness on a platform like Product Hunt with users from across the world presented a challenge. One Sales.Rocks was glad to tackle head on. So we rallied our supporters, sent our carefully penned newsletters, organised our schedule and of course pressed LAUNCH 🚀


Don’t forget to find your Hunter! Kevin William David @kevin was kind enough to accept our request and helped us choose the right date. He reviewed our content and supported us on our launch day as our Hunter.



Several moments and worries later, the first upvotes on our Product Hunt page and visits to our website started coming in. A few moments on, the first comments, signups and positive reviews as well. We were relieved and thrilled, but not done. Invigorated and highly motivated we pressed on, engaging our commenters and leading in our new clients.


Finally a few hours and a sleepless night of expectations and euphoria later…

But enough chit chat, let’s take a lot at our metrics


Retrospective on some stats from yesterday’s launch on Product Hunt


1700 Page views


141 Sign-ups 🎉

22 New Support Tickets 👀

3 Hours of sleep (at least something) 💤

But it wasn’t just about the signups or visitors. Far more important were users commenting on the platform and giving suggestions for the roadmap. When the morning started in North America we noticed suggestions with regard to the Platform that so far, we with our European perspective had not yet suggested (what are NACE codes???), why is only Euro as currency available.


Looking at the server load and various queries on our Elastic Server we noticed that we seem to be okay for now but looking at the current growth there will be a need to scale up the servers.


So what is next? Among the Product Hunt community the saying goes “You only launch once” for us at Sales.Rocks it doesnt completely hold. We have some more great modules coming up like our Chrome extension or the Drip Mail module which we will launch through Product Hunt as well.

It has been a great experience and we would like to support everyone that made this one happening, hunters that signed up, commented, shared the link but also our new Sales.Rocks members that kept our CSM restless.


We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to what is coming up next. Stay Tuned 😊


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